Dr. Thomas P. Trevisani, SR., M.D.: Hi. Dr. Thomas P. Trevisani, SR., M.D. We're going to talk here about rhinoplasty. If you sought out this section of the website, either you're generally interested in noses or you're seeking to have your nose improved. Nose surgery is very interesting component of cosmetic surgery. Your nose is obviously the most prominent proportion of your face and it actually is what people see first when they look at you. Now in order for us to get our best looking nose, we have to understand certain anatomic facts. The nose is made of skin, bone, and cartilage. It also has a function with breathing. In order for it to look its best, the bone and the cartilage must be ideally align so that the skin can drape optimally over it. This requires surgery. Not all plastic surgeon are capable or willing to offer you rhinoplasty. Some plastic surgeons don't do rhinoplasty. I have a special interest in rhinoplasty and hope I can achieve for you your best possible result.

There are some fundamentals principles of rhinoplasty that you may need to know. One is, I make my incisions completely on the inside. The inside incisions will then eliminate the need for an external incision along the columella portion of your nose. That's a very specific attribute to our rhinoplasties. No external incision in the columella. Now we may have to make small external incision if we want to narrow the nostrils. So to change the bone and the cartilage on the inside requires an internal rhinoplasty incision through which we can then change the bone and the cartilage, realign them in an optimal fashion under general anesthetic as an outpatient. Postoperatively, you'll have some dripping and you'll have a drip pad. You'll have a pain medicine. You'll have a splint and some tape that needs to stay on for a few days. We'll demonstrate that as we move along in this presentation. So rhinoplasty section, very pertinent, very challenging for you to choose the right person to do your rhinoplasty and I guarantee you that we at Celebrities Choice offer you one of the best possible outcomes and the best service for your rhinoplasty procedure.

Different Approaches to Surgical Rhinoplasty and What To Expect Post-Op

Dr. Thomas Trevisaniexplains his approach to rhinoplasty with internal incisions and how this differs from the traditional external incision technique.