Hi, it's Dr. Lowenstein here in Santa Barbara. I want to talk briefly about Ultherapy which I actually just had done. I had my lower neck done from my angle of my neck down to my clavicle. It was treated from the sides of the neck, centrally, and I did it because in my family we tend to have kind of crepiness in the lower neck and I'm 47 years old starting to see these changes, so I chose Ultherapy which is an ultra-sound treatment. It treats the deep tissue as well as the superficial skin, it causes tightening as well as some collagen production.

Even in the immediate post-procedure period now, we can see some tightening, but the eventual effects should take about 6 to 8 weeks to really manifest themselves. It was uncomfortable, I didn't take any pain medication during the procedure for me, but we'll often give at the very least ibuprofen, sometimes we'll even give Valium to try and make it as comfortable as possible, but it went pretty well. Some parts were a little stingier than others, but on the whole it went well.

We took some video of the procedure itself, and we'll post that as well and that's that. So Ultherapy, it's a great procedure for lifting and tightening. We do it in the face, in the forehead, in the neck underneath the skin where we can actually get some of fat in this area down to really give a nice contour of the neck and again like I did in the lower neck to provide some tightening of the crepiness there. We can do all or some of these procedures. It's a very, very nice non-invasive way to provide lifting and tightening.

Hope that helps! Thanks, and take care.

Ultherapy Procedure Performed on Dr. Lowenstein

Santa Barbara Plastic Surgeon Dr. Adam Lowenstein discusses his personal experience with Ultherapy, the non-invasive lifting and tightening procedure for the neck and face.