Suzanne: Great.
Dr. Lowenstein: All right. It's Dr. Lowenstein here in Sta. Barbara. And we're doing some Ultherapy on the early aged neck. Actually, Suzanne is going to treat my lower neck which is done to actually prevent aging. I'm starting to get a little crepiness down there. So Suzanne's gonna do an isolated treatment on my lower neck to help for that.
You can hear the sounds, around the ultrasound. Beam is being emitted into the tissue. And she's doing two passes. One is gonna be a deep tissue delivery of the energy to my platysma muscle. And then the second pass will be for the deeper layers of the skin.
Hurts a little bit. Nothing unbearable. Little bit of radiating discomfort. Some spots, better than others.
So here you see my Ultherapy treatment of the other side of my neck, a little more close-up. And you can see is kind of done line by line. It's the first pass that you're watching right now, which is the pass to treat the platysma muscle, the deeper of the two passes. And then, after that, we'll do a second, more superficial pass to help with collagen deposition and tightening of the skin.

Dr. Lowenstein Receives Ultherapy on His Neck

Santa Barbara Plastic surgeon Dr. Lowenstein has Ultherapy done on his neck as he discusses the non-invasive lifting and tightening procedure for the neck and face.