Voluma is a filler that we use to add volume and fullness to the cheeks and to the mid face. Give a gentle uplifting to the cheeks and to the mid face. To create a non-surgical, or a liquid face lift. Much like we use Sculptra and Radiesse 4. Voluma is generally placed or injected into the cheeks and the mid face to create some volumization in this mid face region. It's performed in the office. We use a little bit of topical numbing medicine. Very little discomfort related to the injections. We find that most patients, in one or two treatments, are able to achieve a final result with their Voluma, a degree of volumization and an enhancement that they're pleased with. We find that in most patients, Voluma's lasting about two years or so. What a lot of patients will do, is they'll decide to have the initial set of treatments performed, and then come in perhaps a year later, and have a touch-up, and maintain their result over time with periodic touch-up.

As an alternative, over the years, we've used Sculptra. Sculptra and Voluma give very similar results. We're finding that Voluma is smoother, creates a greater degree of fullness. Sometimes, with Sculptra, we saw some lumpy bumpiness, and we found that with Sculptra, it was taking generally three or four treatments, sometimes more, for patients to get a complete result. So with Voluma, we're able to get a smoother, more natural, fuller result, with fewer treatments, less discomfort for the patient, and results that last about the same amount of time.

Voluma: Add Volume to Your Cheeks

Dr. Ross Clevens describes how Voluma provides a smooth, natural, full result in the cheeks of a patient looking to restore their face's youthfulness.