Hi there. I'm Doctor Andrew Cohen. I'm a board-certified plastic surgeon here in Beverly Hills, California. I wanted to talk to you a little bit today, more about the newer implant I've been using called the Sientra implant. Sientra is a company that's been around for over 20 years, but mostly in Brazil.

Here in America we just started using them over the past few years. I've usually, over the past 14 years, really liked a smooth, round implant placed under the muscle, and I used to always tell people, and I still do, that when you take a round implant and put it under the muscle, it does look a little teardrop shaped.

I still think that's true, but I have met some patients recently that really want... "You know, Dr. Cohen, I really want the most natural looking. I really want a slope here on top."

So you can see, if a woman really wants to maintain the slope here on top and really does not want any "upper pole fullness," that's what we call it, you can consider using a Sientra-shaped implant. It's great for breast reconstructive patients, people who have had a mastectomy and need a reconstruction. It's also great for cosmetic patients that really want a more natural look.

So when you're meeting with a board-certified plastic surgeon and you're deciding what kind of implants to use, one of the questions you want to ask is, "Should we do the water filled, which is saline, or silicone?" If you're deciding silicone you want to ask, "Are we going to be using smooth or textured, and what's your experience?"

Another good question would be do you like round implants or do you want a shaped implant? And these are all the decision-making processes that you have to go through when you go to a board-certified plastic surgeon to have a breast augmentation.

Make sure they're board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, make sure they've been in practice for a long enough time, and make sure you've seen pictures so that you're comfortable with the surgeon's skill.

Thank you so much for listening and we hope to see you soon.

Breast Implant Related Questions To Ask Your Surgeon

Dr. Andrew Cohen advises on the difference between the saline and silicone implants as well as reccommends some questions consumers should ask their doctors when discussing breast implant surgery.