Hello, this is Dr. Stephen Prendiville again. Another question that I commonly receive in my practice is, "Will there be down time with a facelift." The simple answer is, "Of course, there will be." To borrow a phrase, "there are no shortcuts across the canyon." If you're going to have something significant done, such as raising the cheek area and the jawline and the neck, and it requires a surgical approach, you will have some down time.

Now, in the right hands, it's usually not unreasonable, but I would certainly prepare for about two weeks of downtime, in the sense that you will look post surgical during that period. You'll also need to set aside time where you're not going to the gym or doing anything too strenuous. No heavy lifting, bending over, or strenuous activity for about two weeks. And if you lift weights or do more strenuous activity, you might want to wait about a month or so before a return to those types of things.

Remember, for anything that's going to provide a meaningful and positive result as far as facial rejuvenation, you're probably going to have some down time. I hope this is helpful. Thank you.

Facelift Downtime: Expect at Least 2 Weeks

Dr. Stephen Prendiville explains what patients should expect during their downtime period following a facelift procedure.