Dr. Doris Day: Aging is a privilege, but getting old is optional. And when I talk about the new facial aesthetic, it's really about global rejuvenation. And we're no longer chasing lines and wrinkles. We're no longer going after just the nasolabial folds.

I think one of the most under-treated areas is the temples. And the lips are one of the most over-treated areas. The lip base is an area where we have a lot of volume loss. And when you just correct there, you see a dramatic difference in both the nasolabial folds and under the eyes without even putting any product there.

And the idea is that at the end of the day, you just look beautiful. and someone will say you look refreshed, you look like you've been on vacation, but they can't tell if you've had anything done. They just know you look better. So you must have done something, but they can't identify what.

And the really great news is that we have new products that help us accomplish these goals in a lasting and very natural way without surgery.

So BOTOX has a new indication for crow's feet. We've been using it there for a long time, but now you have the FDA backing saying that, that's a safe and effective area to treat. So I do BOTOX for here and here, on-label. But we also use it even along the jaw line and the neck for great results in smoothing and tightening in those areas.

Voluma is a new product by the same makers of BOTOX, Allergan. And Voluma is amazing. It's a game changer. It's the only product that's FDA approved for the mid-face, and it's meant to be put very deep, and it lifts. So you get a beautiful lift, and you look natural, and you're reflating. You're not volumizing, you're not blowing up like a balloon. You're just gently contouring and reflating to the volume that you've lost over time.

I often have patients bring in a picture of when they were in their mid-20's, so I can see what they're balance was, and I can help restore that balance. Because at the end of the day, it's really about looking like the best version of yourself, but not looking different. And that's when you know you've done a great job.


What is Global Rejuvenation?

Dr. Doris Day discusses global rejuvenation for the face.