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  • Does your ethnicity matter when considering Rhinoplasty Surgery?
Eric Joseph: Hi this is Dr. Eric Joseph, facial plastic surgeon in West Orange, New Jersey, answering the question: why does ethnicity matter in patients that are considering rhinoplasty surgery? In general, the African-American population has think, inelastic skin, with broad, flat noses and underlying weak cartilage. So you can see in the after picture that although her tip is narrower and somewhat more refined, the results are definitely more subtle, especially in the tip area, because of her underlying weak cartilage and thick skin.

In the Caucasian population, in comparison, patients tend to have thin skin and firm cartilage, so you can see more of a dramatic appearance, especially on the profile. In the Hispanic population, the skin is somewhat intermediate, as is the cartilage, so results tend to be intermediate with respect to results that can be achieved. Thank you.

Does your ethnicity matter when considering Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Skin thickness and nasal cartilage strength vary depending on your ethnicity, and these factors may affect your outcome following Rhinoplasty Surgery.