Does the fat come back in other spots after liposuction? Well, this is a very common misperception with liposuction surgery. I remember reading an article many years ago about Jane Fonda, who had liposuction surgery done, and mentioned that, "I wish I'd never had it done," because the fat then went to other areas," and this really can occur if the surgeon is not paying a lot of attention to the role of liposuction and only targeting areas of genetic dis-proportion.

So, what do I mean by this? If you take a patient who maybe in proportion and perfectly in balance, and you target one or two areas, you actually can cause dis-proportion. That's probably what went on in Jane Fonda's case.

However, when I look at a patient for liposuction surgery, I look at their entire body, and I make a determination about where to target, and if they're just overweight and out of shape, but not out of proportion, I would strongly argue that liposuction surgery should not be done on that patient, and it really is a big part of their visual work that I do, when I have patients come in who have had it done previously, and the surgeon threw them out of balance and proportion, it's my job now to create balance and proportion in that patient.

But really, it should never cause dis-proportion as long as it's done properly.

Does The Fat Come Back In Other Spots after Liposuction?

Doctor David Amron discusses if fat will come back in other areas of the body after Liposuction.