Does liposuction remove cellulite? Well, it can and it can't. Sometimes it'll make it worse if the surgeon does not understand how to approach cellulite. Cellulite is an interesting phenomenon at the superficial layer of fat under the skin, that people are prone to it have a certain orientation of a fibrous tissue in those areas. And if you know how to approach and understand it, it can improve it greatly.

The way I go about improving cellulite is to very precisely do superficial liposuction to break up those bands as a new liposuction surgery and almost always the cellulite itself improves. There is something that I'm excited to incorporate in my practice now, and it's called Cellulaze. And Cellulaze is the first device that is specific for improving cellulite and has actually shown to make a great improvement, and can be used only for cellulite by itself without needing liposuction surgery done also.

Does Liposuction Always Remove Cellulite?

Doctor David Amron discusses the removal of cellulite with Liposuction.