Is a circumareolar mastopexy truly a mastopexy? In my opinion, absolutely not. Circumareolar mastopexy, also known as a Benelli lift or as a donut lift is a false concept in plastic surgery. We, as plastic surgeons, however use the term all the time. We use it in the title of journal articles in our Scientific Journals. We use it in the title of presentations at our national meetings. I think we are kidding ourselves and I think that we are misleading young plastic surgeons in training. The circular excision of skin around the nipple-areolar complex does not lift the breast. What it can do in selected patients if done conservatively, is slightly elevate the nipple-areolar complex position on the breast mount, perhaps 1 to 2 cm. Wide excisions of skin in a circumareolar pattern actually distorts the shape of the breast and creates a very unfavorable appearance. It tends to flatten the top of the breast rather than making it project more.

There is an excessive amount of tension on the skin closure and this leads to scars that are widened, thick, and irregular. Also the excessive tension tends to widen the areolar diameter over time. Often a circumareolar mastopexy is performed in concert with a breast augmentation surgery and that only serves to put more tension on the healing scar. If you're thinking about mastopexy surgery and are curious about circumareolar mastopexy, I encourage you to look at as many patients as possible online. Look at before and after photographs and see if you like what you see. I am fairly certain that you won't and I think you should ask yourself this and I think we, as plastic surgeons, should ask ourselves the following question: Why limit the scarring to the area around the areola if that surgery distorts the shape of the breast and creates an unfavorable long-term appearance.

Does a "Donut Breast Lift" Really Do What It Promises?

Dr. Michael Law explains why he believes a circumareolar mastopexy is not a true mastopexy, including some of the unfavorable results that can occur from such an approach.