Hi, my name is Dr. Paul Nassif, and I'm answering some questions from our bloggers. You always send us interesting questions, and this one was titled, "Closed rhinoplasty cost?" You know, I have a patient care coordinator who usually discusses that, and every patient is different. And it really depends how long the procedure is, but in general a closed rhinoplasty can, which would include a surgeon fee, operating room and anesthesia. It can range anywhere from $10-15,000.

Again, it depends on what type of doctor you go to and what their specialty is and how long they've been performing rhinoplasties. So that's usually the average cost. Thank you.

Does a Closed Rhinoplasty Cost Less Than an Open Rhinoplasty?

Many factors affect rhinoplasty cost, including the extent of the procedure and the surgeon's experience. Learn more about the cost of nose surgery in this video by Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif.