I know a lot of people who'd spend some time at different angles in the mirror and inject themselves. I personally do not inject myself. When I need a treatment, there's a nurse practitioner who works in our office, and I have colleagues who are dermatologists and facial plastic surgeons to inject me. But I think it's awkward to look at yourself in the mirror and find the right angle with your hand and try to approach yourself. Definitely a greater risk for having something go wrong, though I trust what I do and I trust my hands and my technique really well. There are times when I really want to do it myself, but when I have someone else do it, I usually mark some spots on my skin as a guide of where they should go and what they should do, and tell them how much I want.

Do Plastic Surgeons Inject Themselves With Botox or Fillers?

We've all wondered it, now Dr. Daniel Levy addresses the question of whether doctors actually inject themselves with product.