Plastic surgeons can absolutely help with asymmetry. Most patients
naturally have slightly asymmetric breasts. Most of the time, they don't
notice these things ahead of time. When I'm measuring carefully during the
consultation, most patients are surprised to find that the measurements are
slightly off from breast to breast, even if they don't notice it in

We always like to say breasts are sisters, not twins because they really
are not identical most of the time. The most common reason that patients
would need a breast lift is if a lot of the breast tissue, and especially
the nipple, is below the breast fold. If you find yourself in front of the
mirror, lifting up your breast to get the look you want, you almost
certainly need a breast lift. At home, one quick test to see if you need a
breast lift is to actually place a pencil underneath your breast. If it
stays there and doesn't drop immediately to the floor, there's a chance you
need a breast lift.

Do I Need a Breast Lift or a Breast Augmentation?

Doctor Dana Goldberg shares her "pencil test" for knowing if a breast lift or a breast augmentation is needed for you.