I'm Dr. David Reath. I'm a board certified plastic surgeon and Knoxville, Tennessee, and like you, I'm on RealSelf quite a bit. We'd like to answer a question that has come up on RealSelf more than once, and that is, do breast enhancement creams, pills, things that you can get online, do they really work? And the answer is no, they do not. Even if it's sold by a health food store, or Amazon, or anyone else, they don't work. The FDA has been pretty clear on this and the experience of pretty much everybody who has tried these is that these elements don't work. There's nothing that we can really do in terms of our diet, in terms of additional nutrients or things that you can put on the breast that are actually going to stimulate breast development. Exercise doesn't really affect the breast itself other than if you really exercise a lot and you've reduced our fat mass, it could possibly reduce the breast size because the breast is made up somewhat of fat as well as glandular tissue. In terms of adding different nutrients, really it's not going to affect breast size. Now if you gain weight overall, yes, your breasts will probably go up a little bit, but that's not specifically targeting breast size. So as much as you might hope and wish that these things would work . . .

Do Breast Enlargement Creams Work?

Dr. David Reath is here to expose the truth about breast enlargement creams, pills, and exercise programs.