What should you look for in a surgeon performing structural fat grafting? Well, a lot of the information that you need should be available to you online. Take a look at the surgeon's training, and also try to get a sense of the surgeon's degree of experience, and level of expertise with fat grafting. There should be some description of the surgical instrumentation and equipment that's used, and also a specific description of the surgical technique itself. Surgeons with the special interest in back grafting make all this information available to patients online. When you're researching online, you'll find widely varying opinions about fat grafting. There are surgeons, like myself included, that think fat grafting is safe, effective and critically important part of natural appearing facial rejuvenation surgery. You'll find other surgeons who think that it's unnecessary and some who think that fat grafting just doesn't work. The reality of fat grafting surgery is this, as a surgeon, it requires a significant investment of time and effort to learn the technique. Once you become proficient on the technique, you'll find that number one, fat grafting is safe. Number two, it's a scientifically cell that reproducible surgical technique. And number three, fat survives. Structural fat grafting creates a permanent enhancement of facial soft tissue volume. I think the best window that you can get on a surgeon's level of expertise and their aesthetic sensibility is looking online at before and after images.

Do All Fat Grafting Surgeons Use the Same Technique?

Dr. Michael Law explains that when looking for a fat grafting surgeon, you should look into their training and also try to get a sense of their degree of experience and level of expertise.