Dr. Brad: How'd everything go this last time?

Male: Good.

Dr. Brad: Yeah? With this DNA appliance what are we trying to do?

Male: Expand my jaw so that when we put braces on, then my teeth will actually go into their place.

Dr. Brad: I love treating a smart kid. That's right. We're making room for your teeth.

We're very excited about the DNA appliance. The DNA appliance is an arch development appliance and it works well especially with adults. Typically an orthodontic removable appliance has to be worn 24/7 or it doesn't work. The DNA appliance only has to be worn 12 hours a day and it still works great.

Historically we've had no good appliances to treat adults because, being realistic, most adults aren't willing to wear an appliance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but I can get them to wear it for 12 hours a day. Get home from work, you pop it in. You take it out when you have to eat, but otherwise you keep it in your mouth until the next morning and you're good.

All right, that looks fantastic. You're ready to roll. You're a great patient.

DNA Appliance for Arch Development Prior to Braces

Teeth are often crooked because there is not enough room, but the DNA appliance provides arch development prior to braces so the teeth will move smoothly into place.