Cosmelan is a great product that I learned about several years ago from another dermatologist from Brazil. It was formulated to get rid of dark spots and melasma in patients when nothing else worked. Melasma is facial discoloration, pigmentation, primarily in the cheeks, chin, forehead. Many of my patients have melasma as a result of being on a birth control pill and being pregnant and having had too much sun. Since I started using Cosmelan, I've actually been shocked at how amazing and effective it is. Cosmelan, with only two treatments, can get rid of all the melasma that years ago I couldn't get rid of either with laser or with chemical peels. What's wonderful about Cosmelan is that it consists of only two professionally applied peels that you will leave on for several hours that we will customize based on your skin type and the sun damage that you've had. And then you neutralize that peel at home. It takes two treatments. And with only two treatments, almost all of the sun damage and melasma is resolved. It's absolutely amazing.

Dark Spots and Melasma Are Completely Gone After Cosmelan Treatment

Dr. Michele Green explains how to treat Melasma, sun spots, and difficult sun damage with Cosmelan and how this treatment can be customized for each patient's skin type and color.