I'm Dr. Nick Slenkovich with Colorado Plastic Surgery Center in Denver. Cost for surgery is a common question. For tummy tuck procedures, cost ranges in general from about $8000 to $10,000. What does that mean? Well, it's important in thinking about cost to really ask what does it include. Typically we're going to have the surgeon's fee, anesthesia, OR fee, and costs of all your postoperative care. Included in our fee is also the amount of the procedure including liposuction of the waistline and getting full improvement, in my mind, as much improvement as I can get in the whole trunk area is included in the cost of that tummy tuck procedure and not broken out as a separate procedure. Additionally, postoperative care in our practice includes visits with the perioperative therapist for three massage therapy appointments as we feel that's really helpful and an important part of your recovery process. We also include the majority of the medications that you would take after surgery as prepaid as part of the surgery. Best way to get information is really to make a personal consultation visit with your plastic surgeon where you can come up with the appropriate procedure that's the right fit for you and then get a formal quote with specific information of cost.

Cost of a Tummy Tuck May Include Items Other Than the Procedure

Dr. Nick Slenkovich details the cost of a tummy tuck in his practice and how it can include items other than the surgery itself, such as post-op massage appointments and medications the patient will eventually need.