Dr. Kimberly Butterwick: Well the most popular has probably always been neurotoxin, because it’s the easiest thing to do, but in neurotoxins, the thing that is trending now, is for more men to be coming in, because their wives look so good. So now, they want to look good. And also, things that we can do with neurotoxins, such as the neck. We can do something called a Nefertiti lift, and this is for older people, but you place the neurotoxin in the neck and you get a lift and that is so much easier than any sort of surgery.

The people are really looking for non-surgical procedures. Things that they can go right out afterwards. So, we do some light fractionated lasering now, a lot of fillers, and a lot of lasering to improve the skin that does not have any downtime.

Cosmetic Trends in San Diego

Doctor Kimberly Butterwick discusses the trends she is seeing in her practice including more males having Botox and the rise of non-invasive procedures.