CoolSculpting's newest applicator is very, very exciting because it's completely different from all of the other applicators. It does't use vacuum suction to draw the tissue in to be exposed to the cooling panels. It uses compression. So I can treat body types and body areas that I've never been able to treat before, outer thighs, very slim patients who just want to expose their six-pack, heavier patients whose tissue has been too thick to get into the applicator. I can treat with the CoolSmooth for the first round and then come back and do a second round using the vacuum applicator. It's really, really ground-breaking.

This is the perfect area for us to use the new CoolSmooth applicator because this isn't pinchable fat. This is something where you would want to use more compression. So this is the template that you would use for that and we would center this right at the height of the bulge right there. This is gradient, so it's going to be coldest right at the center and then it's going to feather as it goes out. So, this way, it blends nicely with the surrounding tissue. This is the shape. You can see it bends slightly, so it molds to the contours of your body.

You sit here comfortably for two hours, texting, reading, working, napping, whatever it is that you'd like and go on from there. You're going to start seeing your improvement at four weeks. And at eight weeks, 90% of your fat reduction is going to be done and you're going to be rocking a new body and loving it.

New CoolSculpting Applicator Works on Previously Untreatable Consumers

CoolSculpting expert Jeannel Astarita (from the office of Dr. Joseph Eviatar) explains the exciting new CoolSmooth applicator, which uses compression instead of suction to work on patients and areas of the body that were previously untreatable.