So, hi. Doctor Lowenstein here in Santa Barbara. I want to talk about coolsculpting, and the advantages and disadvantages with respect to liposuction.
Coolsculpting is a fantastic and non-surgical modality for fat removal, and it's completely non-surgical, it's completely non-invasive, has minimal down time, and will reduce the area of treatment by about 25 to 35%, over the course of about three to eight weeks.
Now, liposuction is surgery. It's going to have an immediate effect. When we remove all of that fat during surgery, you're going to go from one immediate contour to another immediate contour. However, you're going to need to heal after that procedure. When we take the fat between the skin and the muscle layers, you have a cavity there. And that cavity needs to heal, and each side needs to heal to each other, and what we want to avoid is motion and shear forces, which can prevent healing and cause fluid to collect in those areas. So that's why, after liposuction, you're going to be in a binder for about, variably, two to four weeks, to really aid in that healing. And I'm not going to want you to do anything that's going to make you sweat, for another two to four weeks after that. You're going to be wearing the binder at night, in the latter part of the month after your surgery. And again, great, great modality for fat removal. It works really nicely.
We're happy with both liposuction and coolsculpting. The popularity of coolsculpting is really based on the fact that it's not invasive, and there's not a lot of down time afterwards.

CoolSculpting or Liposuction: Benefits and Drawbacks To Each

Dr. Adam Lowenstein explains the differences between CoolSculpting and Liposuction, noting the benefits and potential drawbacks to each.