So I definitely want to see you in Santa Barbara. I want to talk about the safety of CoolSculpting. It's a very frequent question I get asked here in the office is, is it safe. I want you to keep in mind when we do liposuction, we take fat out from a cavity and we are beating the heck out of fat cells, and sucking the loose fat out. We loosen a lot of the fat up and then we suck the loose fat out. But, if you can imagine what's left behind is a lot of ruptured fat cells and that creates a significant load on the body that has to absorb all of that fat.
When CoolSculpting is performed, you're using ice crystals in the fat cells that cause a gradual cell death or apoptosis, a natural cell death, and that allows for a very gradual absorption of the fat. It gets excreted in the bile kind of like digestion as I've said here before. It's kind of like digesting a french fry or two a day and there's been a lot of studies and there have been no significant increases in liver function tests, in lipids, or fat in the blood.
It seems to be extraordinarily safe and frankly if you're going to think about it with respect to liposuction, probably a lot safer than liposuction down the road because liposuction creates a very large, immediate load of fat for the body to digest and CoolSculpting does so much more gradually. So CoolSculpting very safe. Happy to answer other questions for you. Come in for a consultation and we'll see which modality is right for you. Thanks.

CoolSculpting Allows Your Body To Naturally Excrete Unwanted Fat

Dr. Adam Lowenstein explains that unlike the forceful scrambling and sucking of fat cells involved in a standard liposuction procedure, CoolSculpting promotes natural fat cell death, allowing the patient's body to then excrete the remains naturally.