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  • Considering Liposuction? Ask Yourself This Question First
I think I see patients, they want to change their life only with liposuction. The first thing I do is ask, "How is the life, the behavior, if they do exercise, their weight, their height." Then you slowly have to talk to the patient because sometimes liposuction doesn't work, only. You have to manage all the life of the patient. This is the difficulty about liposuction by us. Some patients they come to... they want to lose 20 kilos by liposuction. They don't want to do exercise, do nothing. It doesn't work. Liposuction is good thing when the patient wants to change the fact, the behavior, change the type of the routine of their life.

Considering Liposuction? Ask Yourself This Question First

Dr. Jaime Anger explains that liposuction is a great way to kick start a change in one's lifestyle but if the patient is not willing to make the change and thinks liposuction will be their golden ticket to happiness, they should think twice.