A mini tummy tuck versus a full tummy tuck, again, is a common question that patients have and something that can addressed when you come in for your consultation. Different people are better candidates for one versus the other but it's certainly discussion to have. The amount of correction that can be achieved with the mini tummy tuck is less than what can be achieved with the full tummy tuck. It's kind of scars in return for contour is kind of the way to look at that equation.

For some patients getting the biggest change and the biggest result is going to have a larger scar but that's a scar that typically heals very well. It's a scar that can be hidden in two-piece bathing suits, etc., modest clothing, but a tummy tuck can be a great option for somebody who doesn't need a great amount of correction or maybe somebody who just is willing to accept a little less correction so that they have a smaller scar. There are variations with that with the scarring around the belly button. Some mini tummy tucks often times you don't have the scar around the belly button which can be another advantage. Again, just look at that with the surgeon so that you can kind of know your options the best and make the best educated decision and come up with the best plan customized for you specifically.

Mini Tummy Tuck or Full Tummy Tuck? It All Comes Down to Contour and Scarring

Dr. Hampton Howell explains that many patients are worried about the hip-to-hip scar, but that they will often forgo that worry to achieve better results.