Many of my patients are referred by their girl friends, so I have mothers and daughters in my practices. I have mothers, daughters and grandmothers in my practices. The women are really supportive of each other and they share their experiences and say, "Don't worry, honey. It's going to get softer. It's going to fall down."

For the gentleman, not to be demeaning, I think they're just very excited to have something that's beautiful, and sexy, and up there, but I think it's really the longevity of how long that woman feels that, "This is beautiful and it suits my body," but it makes a man feel like that this was the right thing to do or the wrong thing to do, because as a woman ages, the implants will age, and again that may become a part of how comfortable you feel with it. But I think we always have that temptation of, "I wish I was back up there." And so many of the partners will support women to have a breast aug but they're not as keen on having them go back for revisional breast if it means external incisions like mastopexies.

That's why for some women who are suitable candidates for revisional with an internal bra, we get a lot more approval from the partners because they think that's a lot better looking and it feels better, too.

Concerned About Your Partner Not Being Supportive of Your New Breasts?

Dr. Lavinia Chong talks about the support system that many women may or may not have back home after they receive their new breasts.