The patient is healthy and has a good risk for surgery. I think that she can certainly combine a breast augmentation with other procedures. A lot depends on the procedure she wishes to combine a breast augmentation with and also on her health but I find that most of them can do that. A breast augmentation itself is not a lengthy procedure. It doesn't involve a lot of blood loss or volume displacement so I think it is very safe to do and I do it all the time.

Many of the procedures that women like to get at the same time are types of mommy makeovers where they would like to have breasts that are more firm, more uplifted following child birth or just age. Many of these women also want an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck to recontour their body after having children, tighten up muscles in the abdomen and perhaps a little bit of liposuction as well. I always like to combine liposuction of the hips with a tummy tuck because if you just address the problem in two dimensions, almost all women will have a little bit of a muffin top so I like to lipo the hips with the tummy tuck and do a breast augmentation with that, if they need it. All of it depends on if they need it, the length of the surgery involved and what's safe for them.

Combining a Breast Augmentation With Other Procedures: "I Do It All the Time"

Dr. Christine Rodgers advises that if the patient could benefit from a tummy tuck or liposuction in addition to new breasts, she should go for it!