I find that there are two sort of perspectives on breast augmentation. And some ladies come in and they want a really full breast with a rounded upper pole, and very full shape to the breast.

And some ladies want what we would consider more of a natural look where the breast isn't quite so full and round, maybe not quite so obviously augmented. It may have a more natural tapered slopping look.

For that, I'm finding that the newly released shaped implants, or anatomical implants that have been on the market for about two years here in the United States are working very, very well.

I have a particular favorite with the Sientra implants. They've got a very nice, soft feel to them, and yet the form is stable. They are textured and so that keeps them from rotating, and we've been getting beautiful results and very happy patients who feel that their breast look very natural.

Well, a textured implant as opposed to a smooth implant is one that has a special surface texturing. The best comparison I can make is something like Velcro. A smooth implant would be like a smooth countertop, so there's no adhesion or friction with the tissue at all.

Whereas the texturing of the implant helps make the implant a little stickier, and that keeps the implant from rotating or shifting in position.

And then the other reason we texture implants is because it helps prevent a condition called capsule contracture, which is were manly scar tissue that forms around every breast implant can sometimes tighten and harden. And that happens less frequently for some reason when the implants are textured.

There are some forms of texturing -- because every company that sells implants right now has it's own proprietary form of texturing -- I think that there are some forms of texturing that are a little more aggressive that might distort the surface of the implant, or make it more palpable, or so that you can feel it, and some that are not quite so aggressive.

And I find that the Sientra implants, the texturing works very well along those lines. That's another reason why I like that implant, because the texturing is hard enough or aggressive enough so that it doesn't allow the implant to shift very easily, and yet it's soft enough so that it doesn't really cause rippling problems, and rupture problems, and palpability problems.

Choosing Sientra Breast Implants For a Natural Look

Dr. Joseph Grzeskiewicz discusses his feelings toward the new Sientra breast implants and why he prefers to use them in his breast augmentations.