How do you find a tummy tuck surgeon? Well, as with all cosmetic plastic surgeries, start with credentials. You want to find a board-certified plastic surgeon who has excellent training and who has a great deal of experience with tummy-tuck surgery, also one who operates in an accredited surgery center. Find out if the surgeon's able to have you observed overnight following your tummy tuck, especially if additional surgeries are performed along with the procedure such as with a mommy makeover.

After credentials, you want to look at photographs, dozens of before and after photographs and make sure that the photographs are available for multiple views. You want to see frontal, oblique and full lateral images of each patient to adequately evaluate their tummy tuck result. My personal goal for tummy tuck surgery is to allow patients to feel comfortable in a two-piece swim suit again, if they want to wear one and most of my patients do. That kind of result is achievable, but it requires careful preoperative planning and attention to detail in the operating room.

A tummy tuck done well results in no visible surgical scars, a flat abdominal contour, a narrower waist and a smooth skin surface. A tummy tuck performed badly can result in widened, ugly scars, irregular abdominal contour, and in worse case scenarios, skin necrosis. When you're looking for a tummy tuck surgeon, you want to look for attention to detail and you'll find it on their website during the consultation process and in the recommendations that are given to you personally. Do your homework, pay attention and you'll end up with an excellent tummy tuck result.

How Do I Choose the Right Tummy Tuck Surgeon?

Dr. Michael Law explains that attention to detail is important when choosing a tummy tuck surgeon. This decision should not be made quickly.