Neck or chin liposuction... this is a great area for both men and women to consider, especially men, actually, because as time goes on, this area tends to want to drop and settle, and if there's genetic dis-proportion and fullness when you're younger, it will tend to get worse. At some point, you've lost some elasticity, usually in the 50s or 60s. At that point, a facelift procedure or a neck-lift procedure is a consideration.

So, if you do it early on, it not only in the short term will make improvements in a contour, but long term, it can prevent the need for a face or neck lift. When I do this area, I do it one of two ways. Either just the submental area in the center, or I do the whole neck as a unit to contour and create a better structure of the jawline.

The improvement from neck or chin liposuction not only comes from the removal of the fat itself, but a very important part of the improvement comes from the way the skin is dealt with from underneath to create a retraction, almost like saran wrap, lifting and tightening that tissue, and contouring and defining it. Like every area, it has to be with a lot of precision. I strongly prefer local anesthesia, even for this area, but it's an area where patients have to wear a chin strap for about a week full time as the area's recovering.

Chin Liposuction

Dr. David Amron explains neck or chin liposuction and how effective it can be especially for men, even earlier in their life as a preventative procedure.