This is a very nice and very simple way to improve the chin and very inexpensive, really. Chin up for me. Because it just relaxes the chin muscles. So we haven't done anything to change the shape yet, but I'm going to put just a little bit, and if you can pucker your lips? See how you get a lot of this pulling here? Pucker again? There you go. Okay, relax.

By relaxing this muscle, it's going to drop this a little bit, make this line less intense, and sharpen the jawline a little bit. This is a little Xeomin, which is a very nice product, because it's a very pure form of Botox. It lasts three to four months, just like Botox. It'll be very subtle, it won't really affect your speech, or anything. If you notice it, you'll just notice that your chin isn't pulling and puckering as much. This is an off-label application, meaning Xeomin is approved for the number 11s, but we use it for really retraining any of the muscles on the face, and this is an advanced application of it. Perfect.

Now we're going to start with the Radiesse. This is going to be to improve the jawline, to improve the overall chin. You want to treat the cheeks a little bit, in general, before you treat the jawline to help lift it up. Now the Xeomin will not have worked yet. It's going to take several days to start working but you're going to see the improvement from the Radiesse right away. You can see how it's really about little bits in different areas, it's not about putting a lot in one place. That's like how people have these big puffy cheeks or whatever. You don't have to put a lot anywhere, but you do need to put a little bit of product in many different areas to balance it, because it's mostly about balance. See the improvement?

Chin and Jawline Rejuvenation with Xeomin and Radiesse

Dr. Joseph Eviatar rejuvenates a patient's chin and jawline using Xeomin and Radiesse. Xeomin acts to relax the muscles in her chin and Radiesse fills imperfections caused by sagging skin.