Well, Cellulaze technology works because we have this really new type of
optical fiber or laser fiber, and, as you probably know, most laser fibers
shoot straight ahead. This is the fiber here. It goes straight out the end,
and that's how the traditional laser works.

With this new fiber, we can actually have half of the energy going
sideways. So it's actually called a side firing fiber. So about 40% of the
energy goes straight ahead, and 60% shoots out at right angles. What that
allows us to do is when we're under the skin with the laser fiber, we can
just, by rotating it, aim it up at the skin to stimulate collagen and
tighten the skin. We can aim it sideways so it actually breaks up the
fibrous bands that pull down on the skin and cause the dimpling, and then
we can aim it down at the fatty layer, because a lot of the up and down
changes in the skin are due to the fat pushing up or herniating up through
the dermis. So we can melt the fat.

So we could never do this before, so this new technology really allows us
to address the structural changes that we believe cause cellulite.

How does Cellulase Work?

Doctor Bruce E. Katz discusses how Cellulase technology works to help tighten the skin, reduce dimpling, and reduce the structural changes that cause cellulite.