Well, you know the Picosure technology is a dramatic new approach to not
only tattoo removal, but treating the skin in general. And we're really
dealing with a new type of laser that fires at a millionth of a second, and
that's how fast it is. So it's not based on thermal heating, on heating the
tissues like most of the technologies we use today. So we're just really at
the tip of the iceberg to figure out how it's going to affect the skin in

We know for sure that it takes care of tattoos much more easily than
previous technology. Tattoos goes away faster. We can treat colors that we
really couldn't treat before very effectively. And even tattoos that didn't
respond to previous lasers are now responding to the Picosure technology.
So it's really a dramatic new approach; it's exciting because we're not
even sure what the possible applications are. You know applications for
skin changes that we're not even aware of. So we're really excited about
it, and we're just beginning to explore its potential.

What is PicoSure?

Doctor Bruce E. Katz discusses how PicoSure works to remove tattoos and treat the skin.