There are a couple components to looking tired, as we were just talking about. One is color, so there are things that you can do, even with simple makeups, to cover up color, like if you have dark underneath your eyes. There are also lasers that you can use to resurface. That helps tighten the skin and gives it more structure, so that you can't see a lot of the blood vessels, for example, underneath that give it that dark appearance.

The other things that you can also approach, besides just the color, is, as we were talking about a little bit, the texture. Lasers can help with that. There are also topical creams that you can use, for example, retinoids, which are a vitamin A compound, that can help strengthen the skin and get rid of some of the creepiness and fine lines.

And then the hollows are probably one of the biggest complaints of people, and they can be genetic, so people can have them from when they're very young, or they can occur as people age, and that's just part of gravity pulling everything south. We start to see crevices that were not there before. Those are very easily filled with fillers. The nice thing about fillers in the eye area is that you don't need much, and also the results last for a year or so, a little bit longer than places elsewhere on the face. And the human eye goes straight to the eyes when you interact with somebody, so it's a very high-yield procedure.

How to Rejuvenate Tired Looking Eyes

Doctor Ramona Behshad covers various treatment options to rejuvenate tired looking eyes.