Male Voice: Acne scars again another thing I would love to treat. So first I try to prevent them, you know, by helping acne and I talked a lot about that with patients. But if they do have them, you know, it seems forever that we didn't have good treatments for acne scarring, but what I found that works best is a few things. One is called subcision and if you have deep rolling scars, they're kind of bound down by these fibrous bands underneath. If you can separate those, you know, numb the face, and then separate those and let them pop up. It helps a lot.

Another few things I love to use is something called a cross hatching technique, 100% TCA cross hatch chemical pill technique. If there are ice pick scars and you use that, basically you put a little chemical pill directly into these ice pick scars. You form a little damage and then the collagen is stimulated to kind of grow in.

Last two things I really like is something called microneedling which sounds barbaric but you basically use an instrument that has like an acupuncture type needle and you put little tiny pokes over the area of acne scarring and with time, the collagen can fill in, tighten, and improve it somewhat and probably the Cadillac, the most expensive is something called an ablative fractional laser. It does about the same thing as that previous microneedling, but a little bit more sophisticated, can go a little bit deeper. Some of the things you've probably heard about are like a total FX and also like a Fraxel laser and I love using all of those and I tell people each treatment you can get 10% to 25% improvement. So nothing is awesome, but you know, if we do a couple treatments and they get benefit, then we keep going.

Treatment Options for Adult Acne Scars

Dr. David J. Myers discusses treatment options and prevention for acne and acne scars.