I use chemical peels a lot in my practice. It's my go-to procedure to get rid of fine lines, smoking lines, melasma, facial discoloration, sun damage, aging skin. It all-around brightens and lightens the skin.

Many patients will need a series of chemical peels, which we do in the office, which we schedule every two to four weeks based on your skin type. The whole idea of the chemical peel will be customized based on the skin products that we will use in conjunction with the chemical peels. I often will give patients Retinols, Retin-A, or bleaching creams which will enhance the effect of the chemical peel. The idea is to stay out of the sun during these procedures. It will renew and rejuvenate your natural skin and bring out the most beautiful kind of skin that you can have.

I love doing chemical peels because it's a very easy procedure for the patient, and within a few weeks, your skin will look younger and healthier and more natural looking.

Chemical Peels Naturally Renew and Rejuvante the Skin You're In

Dr. Michele Green drescribes how chemical peels work to give you the best results when combined with Retinoids and Hydroquinones.