I'm Doctor Steve Weiner from the Aesthetic Clinique and I use blunt cannulas to inject Restylane. Hannah here what we're going to do is enhance her cheekbones, a little bit in her lips, do some in the nasal labials here, and then we'll do a little bit of Botox. A few weeks ago we did put some in her tear trough area.

So we start out by making a little incision here in her skin... and then I take the cannula here, and you're going to lay it right here along the cheekbone... and that lifts the flies of the cheek... and there you go. She has a nice cheekbone because of that effect right there. And I'll do it to the other side here. Turn a little bit.

She's been cooled down, but other than that there's no anesthesia that we're using, except for the lips. We put a little Lidocaine on the lips a little while ago. So here we go. We're putting this in the cheekbone to enhance the cheekbone. You don't need all that much. There's Lidocaine within the left one... So that gives it a nice little definition... Got the lips done, got the other cheek, so now I'll go to the nasal labials... I'll do that right down here.

I like to put it right around the mouth because there's a little deficit that people get right in that area... okay, so we... And then we'll go to the opposite side... we'll put it close to the mouth so that we can use the same hole to enhance the lips as well. [Pause] Here we go. So there we go. A little bit... I'm going to change cannulas and we're going to use a little smaller cannula on the lips...

She's just getting a little bit of abuse on one the lips... I have to stand. And so we go down here and we go into the lip. [pause] Then we go into the lower lip... We're almost done with this small enhancement. Open up for me... Here we go on to the lip... And we go down to the lower one. [pause] OK. [pause]

And we're basically done here. I'm going to take a look and maybe there's a little bit left, but as you can tell I've used 2cc's now of filler... All with a cannula, no bruising... I'll put a little touch of water on the lip and we'll be done. She should be even more numb now. [pause] Close. Move a little to the left for the other lip and we'll be done. [pause] So that's how I do a blunt cannula injection on both cheeks and the lips and nasal labials through just two incisions on either side.

Cheek and Lip Enhancement with Restylane

Doctor Steven Weiner discusses cheek and lip enhancement with Restylane.