Male Voice: Fortunately, there is a very good treatment for broken capillaries. Lasers can be used very effectively to close broken capillaries, often with immediate disappearance. If we're treating both background redness with a rosiness of the cheeks and individual blood vessels, we'll sometimes use more than one laser at the time of treatment. Sometimes results are instantaneous, and sometimes it takes a few weeks to see best outcomes.

Although it's important to not have a suntan before treatment for unwanted blood vessels, there's really no other preparation required. Treatments are quick, do not require anesthesia, and rarely have any recovery time involved at all. It generally does take a series of treatments to see best results, and between three and six treatments may be required depending on how many vessels are present, how large they are, and how much improvement one is trying to accomplish.

Capillaries and Blood Vessels

Doctor Brian Biesman discusses capillaries and blood vessels.