One of the things that I really like to do is I'll use a filler for volume to change the shape so that someone has a more youthful shape to their face. So, we're working from the inside out, put the volume back where it used to be, make someone look younger without looking done. Then, I'll use a superficial filler to take care of any little sharp creases that are persistent. And then, I'll do micro-needling to make the skin overall just look that much better, as well as, fix any of the tiny little wrinkle lines that are still present. So, I think of it as a three-step process to really doing a full makeover.

Can You Combine Micro-Needling with Filler Treatment?

Dr. Mitchell Schwartz discusses his 3-step process for full facial rejuvenation and how he combines fillers with micro-needling to achieve this.