An area that we don't always talk about is chest. And as we age, we get wrinkles and we get photodamage and so forth. we've talked about for years, using things like intense pulse light to make the brown spots and red spots better. But we recently completed a clinical trial with several other investigators looking at lifting the chest using Ultherapy or the Ulthera device which is fractionated ultrasound.

And at this meeting here in South Beach, we're actually presenting the abstract and we're going to be showing the clinical results where we can actually reduce the lines and wrinkles associated with aging in the decollete or the chest area.

Again, I think this is really exciting for patients, and for my patient population. so this is very helpful for us.

Can Ultherapy be Used on Your Body?

Dr. Michael Gold discusses the use of Ultherapy on your body.