Can patient's with tubular breasts get a great result from breast augmentation surgery? Well, yes. Absolutely. And, tubular breast augmentation patients are some of the happiest breast augmentation patients in my practice. They go from feeling extremely self-conscious about their breast appearance pre-operatively to feeling absolutely great about their breast appearance post-operatively.
Now, to get a full, beautiful, natural looking result in a patient who's starting with tubular breasts, it really requires thoughtful pre-operative assessment and planning, careful implant selection, and the utmost attention to detail in the operating room.
There are number of important things that need to be accomplished when transforming a tubular breast into an aesthetically beautiful breast. Number one, all of these patients require lowering of the inframammary folds. In concert with inframammary fold lowering is expansion of the lower pole so that the skin envelope would accommodate the volume of the breast implant in the lower pole.
Implant selection is important, and so is radial scoring of the undersurface of the breasts so that the natural breasts tissue would expand over the breast implant in a natural way.
Lastly, structural fat grafting really helps to provide missing contour in the lower pole, and helps to bloom the transition from natural breast tissue to implant contour.
A new implant that is available is the shaped, form stable breast implant just FDA approved in the last one to two years. These implants have a point of maximal projection that's lower than a round implant. And these will provide a beautiful, really natural appearing lower pole, in patients who're starting with a tubular breast.

Breast Augmentation for Tubular Breasts

Dr. Michael Law discusses breast augmentation surgery for patients with tubular breasts, answering the question of whether these patients are able to achieve an optimal result.