If you eat a lot and you don't watch your diet, fat can come back. One can remove fat cells but the remaining ones can hypertrophy so I tell my patients if you're paying a lot of money and it's a risk to have the surgery if you're not going to watch your diet or you plan on having more children. Please don't do the operation. I think having or anticipating having another child would be a big mistake because then you're going to break through everything that was done in terms of muscle tightening and now you've basically destroyed the operation.

In terms of return the fat and liposuction I had a study that I had done with a doctor in Colorado and we had found that fat can return but usually not so much in the same place but in other places. I myself have had liposuction. I had it on my hips and what I've noticed is that that area which was very hard to loose, that doesn't come back. It may come back somewhere else but that fat is much easier to loose. It's not the pubertal fat that we get when we hit puberty and it's dried out, old fat. This fat comes off much easier than the other ever did. So, from personal experience, I say yes, you can get it back but it's easier to get off than that old fat. With the tummy tuck it's more important not to get pregnant again and not go crazy with eating.

Can My Tummy Pooch Return After a Tummy Tuck?

While you may think you're immune to weight gain after a tummy tuck, Dr. Christine Rodgers says you had better think again.