There's a sense that is conveyed in advertising marketing that there are new procedures that have no downtime with minimal risks and quick recovery, as if we kind of reinvented the wheel. The bottom line is, although we have refined a lot of procedures and processes, we're still dealing with the same basic human beings, the same basic genetic code. So a lot of the marketing that's out there is a little bit overblown. If you're looking at facial rejuvenation for somebody who has a heavy neck or jowling and things like that, the foundation is still going to be a face lift or some modification of it. So that's a surgical type procedure. Now, there are things that we've added that really add to surgical procedures such as fillers, volumizers, things like that, which can add a different dimension to help people look natural and look more youthful.

"Fast Recovery! No Downtime!" Can You Really Trust These Amazing Claims?

Those "Lunchtime Lift" ads are awfully tempting, but are they promising something that can't be delivered? Dr. Stephen Prendiville explains.