It is always possible to lose normal sensation to any tissue when surgery is performed, but as long as the surgeon is being very careful to keep the dissection very superficial over the area where the nerves are most likely to be, it's actually very rare to lose sexual sensation and most disturbance in sensation that occur from numbing or from swelling resolve within the first six to eight weeks after surgery. So patients are not allowed to drive themselves home from labiaplasty if any type of sedation is used. In our office we use pill sedation, and in the operating room there's obviously IV or full anesthesia, so patients do need to have a ride home from surgery. If patients are only taking Tylenol the next day, some may feel comfortable driving, but most patients can't count on being able to drive a car for at least three to five days.

Can I Lose Sensation From Having a Labiaplasty Procedure?

Dr. Dana Goldberg discusses the likelihood that a patient would permanently loose sensation after a labiaplasty as well as a few measures the surgeon can take to ensure this doesn't happen.