Hi. I'm Larry Schlesinger, and I'm a board-certified plastic surgeon from Honolulu, Hawaii. And the question of the day is, "Can I get a breast lift without breast implants?" And the simple answer is, yes. With the Benelli mastopexy, and with the standard Wise pattern, very often patients just want the breasts lifted a little bit. The nipple-areola complex moved up a bit, and they're willing to not have any fullness in the upper quadrant. And in those cases, you do not need an implant.

On the other hand, if you're looking for the full Monty, if you're looking to get it up, get nipple-areola complex up in the right place, and have a perky looking breast, you really do want to have an implant in that upper quadrant, to give you that normal look. At any rate, yes, you can do a breast lift without putting implants in. I'm Larry Schlesinger from Honolulu, Hawaii. Thank you very much.

Breast Lift Without Implants Is Possible

Dr. Larry Schlesinger explains that a patient can opt for a breast lift sans implants but they may not end up with the perky breasts they've seen in magazines without some added volume.