With regards to Liposuction costs, the first thing I want to strongly emphasize, is the importance of not making costs and the price itself be the most important factor. This isn't like buying a television set, this is trusting a surgeon to get the result right the first time and that is the most important thing. So choose your surgeon first and then see the cost as agreeable. With regard to pricing, the variety of ways to price liposuction, one of the common ones of pricing it is per area, and just adding up the areas. I don't find this the best way to price Liposuction. I price it based on how long the surgery itself is taking me, I have a range of prices, and it's anywhere between a 30 minute procedure to a two and a half hour procedure. And my pricing ranges between $2,500 on the short end, up to $6,000 on the highest end. And on top of that there's a surgical center facility fee that's added to it.

Can I Afford Liposuction?

Doctor David Amron discusses the affordability of liposuction.