One of the things that I usually include in most of my answers to Real Self is make sure that you choose your facial plastic surgeon most carefully. I'm always amazed that a lot of people spend more time choosing the color of their car or the rug in their house... They spend more time doing that than they spend doing the due diligence to choose a good plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon, and that involves going to the office, looking at the staff. Usually we treat our staff. Make sure that they look normal. Look at before and after pictures that the doctor's actually done. Get to know the doctor and their sense of artistic aesthetics and again, I hate to say it but the Internet is here to stay, and online reviews are here to stay. So patients just need to do their due diligence. I even like patients to call me and say, "Look, I'm thinking of having this or this done, who would you recommend?" So call other doctors and say, "If I'm not going to you, who would you send your family to?" And you'll get a good answer and then once you meet the doctor, make sure that there's a connection and that they share your aesthetic vision so that your aesthetic goals can be met in a most natural, affective, and safe way.

Can Any Plastic Surgeon Perform Your Cosmetic Procedure?

Dr. Michael Persky explains the importance of selecting only a board-certified plastic surgeon for your procedure.