Interviewer: What is just not worth buying? And what are some common traps for consumers that we see in the beauty industry, in magazines, on television? We're constantly being marketed to?

Paula: I see inadequately formulated sunscreens. The new research is showing that SPF 15 is not enough. That used to be the Gold Standard; SPF 15 or greater. Now, pretty much worldwide, what the research is showing is 20 is kind of the minimum, and 20 to 30 someplace in that range is probably best. So I would say those are the major things I see that I worry about for women, because those mistakes add up to bad skin care.

DAniel: There's a phenomenon going around where there these multi-level marketing industries that are taking certain products, which are being taken by anyone who will sell them. and sell them to all of their Facebook friends, neighbors, anyone around them. And your neighbor or your friend who perhaps has some skin in the game, so to speak, about you know, selling this product, may not be the best counselor for your skin.

Paula: I do think that there is a problem with overselling, but I wouldn't say your neighbors are doing it any more than the women at the cosmetic counters, I mean women and men, or in salons or spas or doctors offices, in terms of overblowing and hyping the quality of a product. However, the thing to keep in mind for skin type, as a general rule, if you have normal to oily skin, it should come in a gel or a liquid or a very thin light serum. And if you have very dry skin, it should come in a lotion or a cream form.

Interviewer: Let's talk about your favorite drug store secrets everybody always wants to know. What can I just go to my local grocery store or drug store and purchase, that is a, not a miracle product but just a great product for me to purchase.

Daniel: You know, one thing I've used off and on that I bought from drug stores is that, they call it a "firming product." It's by Garnier. Its an SPF 15. For my texture, it doesn't make my skin oily and I tend to have oily skin. It moisturizes with an SPF 15 and it has a little retinol. As we've established, I'm a retinol fan, so I like something that I can have a little bit in the day time as well, because I use one at night and that gives me a little bit in the day in combination with the sunscreen and moisturizer, and it's probably a $10 little pump product.

Buyer Beware: Paula Begoun and Dr. Daniel Levy on Savvy Shopping For Beauty Products

“Cosmetics Cop” Paula Begoun and dermatologist Dr. Daniel Levy discuss the common traps that consumers fall into, as well as their favorite inexpensive drugstore products.