Is when the eye socket, which is called the orbit, is expanded. It's made larger so the eye sits back more. Let me show you a model. And these are the eye sockets or the orbits. The eyeball sits in this eye socket, and because of different problems this eye can protrude forward. Again, it's called proptosis, and makes the eye look bulgy.

What we do is we shave off bone in the eye socket. And depending on how bad it is, sometimes one bone is shaved, versus more than one bone. That will expand the eye socket, and the eye will set back more.

This is a different model that shows the eyeball and all the other structures attached to it. So again, we're gonna go inside the eye socket, shave off bone, and also, also we can take off some fat that surrounds the eyeball. Again, that will allow the eye to go back.

Then when we do this, we do it through a hidden incisions, hidden from inside the eyelid, or from blepharoplasty eyelid crease incisions which heal very nicely.

Follow up is one week after surgery, when the patient comes in, to make sure that things are healing well.

Bulgy Eye Causes and Treatment Options

Dr. Mehryar Taban explains the cause of protruding or bulgy eyes and suggests an interocular procedure to fix it.