I am Mehryar Ray Taban and I'm an oculoplastic surgeon from Beverly Hills. I'm going to talk to you about the forehead or brow droopiness and its management. The brows droop overtime through the aging process. That's because the skin and the ligament attachments that hold up the brow loosen and then brows drop. This especially more prominent in the lateral outer corners of the brows where they droop. In a youthful brow, in young females, the medial brow is lower, the lateral brow is higher. One of the other things that attribute to brow ptosis is also losing fat from the brow forward area. The fat goes away in the brows, that tissue deflates, just like a balloon. The air of a balloon goes away, it collapses; it deflates. So the brows, when the fat goes away, it deflates. As far as what can be done for this, one of the things that solve would be to inject more volume into the brow and the best for that is your own fat, which you need to take from the belly or the thigh. That reinflates the brow and pushes them up to some extent and gives you more of a youthful look. However surgery might also be needed or can be complimentary, and the most important thing about brow lift surgery is for it to be natural. You don't want to lift the brows too high, giving a surgical look. You also don't want to raise the medial brow part too high it gives you surprised look.

So the most important way, the most important aspect of a brow lift is to lift the lateral corners of the brows. Now different techniques of the new brow lift. The easiest one would be a direct brow lift when the incision is done right above the brow. However that is a more functional incision, not cosmetic because the scar shows. As far as different cosmetic brow lift procedures where the scars are hidden, one of them is called the pretrichial approach where the incision is done along the hairline. The incision heals well and but it also depends what kind of skin you have and how you are to hair. Another advantage of this pretrichial approach is that it also advances your hairline forward so it's good for people with high foreheads or high receding hairlines. Another surgical approach for brow lift is endoscopic brow lift, which has become the gold standard in brow lift surgery. The incisions are placed behind the hairline and use endoscopes; the forehead is lifted when the attachments are released along the forehead brow area. The greatest benefit of this technique is that the incisions are hidden behind the hairline. All these brow lift surgeries can be done under local anesthesia with or without IV sedation, under twilight sleep. They are minimal invasive with natural results and quick recovery.

Brow Drooping Causes and Management

Dr. Mehryar Taban explains what causes a droopy brow and what surgical and non-surgical options are available to raise the brow.